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In order for the reservation to be valid, 20% of the total amount has to be paid in advance by Wire Transfer from your bank to our following bank account:

Bank: National Bank of Greece

Account Name: Olkas Paschalis, Olka Aikaterini, Olka Apostolia-Victoria, Olkas Thomas

IBAN: GR34 0110 4650 0000 4657 0020 258

Swift Code: ETHNGRAA

Please be sure to pay the bank charges at your end and note that no reservation will be completed until payment has been cleared through our bank. As soon as we receive your deposit we’ll confirm your booking through an email notice. We also accept paypal for further details please contact with us.

Cancellation policy:

In case of cancellation by the customer, if it is made 21 days before the agreed arrival date the hotelier is obliged to fully refund the deposit and if cancellation is made in less than 21 days before arrival, the customer must pay the hotelier half of the total amount of the canceled reservation.