“Ghermaniko” is a small, authentic, traditional hotel just in front of the natural harbour of Damouchari on the East Pelion Coast in the Aegean Sea (Greece), next to the old building served as customs office in the past. It is the oldest hotel in the area and this is one of the main reasons that makes it ideal more for travellers than for tourists who seek originality, simplicity, romantism of ancient times and natural warmth, far from busy, impersonal and modern big hotels!

Ghermaniko is housed in a more than one hundred (100) years old, two-floored, stone-built building. It is characteristic for its massive wooden terrace (unique in the area), on the first floor, with its old and big vine tree that embraces and protects the whole building. Its rich vineyard is full of grapes, of the original Pelion variety called “strawberry”, ready to be picked up at the end of the summer.

The hotel operates on the touristic season divided into three different periods (low, medium & high) from the 1st of April till the end of October. It is situated on the left side of Damouchari’s harbour just above it and is about 50 meters away from the beach of Damouhari (Palia Damouchari).

We have renovated all the rooms and bathrooms, adding a kitchenette in each of the studios. We tried to keep an authentic, natural and traditional ambience using old wooden furniture with simple lines, handmade curtains and decorative objects with fine tissues, natural elements and old materials.

If authentic, historic and warm environment in harmony with nature is what you are looking for your holidays, Traditional Hotel “Ghermaniko” is the right place to stay during your vacation to Pelion.