For a pleasant, relaxing and economical accommodation just next to the sea, we offer you two options that can satisfy all tastes, even the most exigent ones; Ghermaniko Traditional Hotel & Victoria’s Guesthouse.

Both of the hotels are situated just in front of the little and picturesque harbor of Damouhari, Ghermaniko in the beginning and Victoria in the middle of it. All the rooms have their own terrace (balcony), where our clients can sit and enjoy the magnificent views of the bay. Just a few steps away and they are directly at the sea, ready to indulge in it.

Our hostels form a small family-ran business, whose assets are its satisfied guests. Our philosophy is characterized by a friendly and hospitable approach towards our costumers and is focused on the development of warm relationships with them, trying to help them during their stay and make them feel as comfortable as possible in such a special and picturesque typical Greek Mediterranean environment.

We would like to make clear that in both buildings:

  • there is always onsite staff attending the guests
  • housekeeping services are provided daily and are included in the room price