Sea kayaking in Pelion

Grab the opportunity to see this magnificent pristine area from a totally different perspective. These activities offer an excellent way to explore the coastline and access spots that boats, even small inflatables, would not even dare to approach!

Damouchari is a hidden gem for those who seek quiet and peaceful getaways. Sea kayaking is a new outdoor activity in the area and our branch Pelion Secrets offers genuine hospitality along with quality equipment.

With our guided trips we will stop in inaccessible remote beaches, go into numerous sea caves of the area (the closest one is north of Fakistra Beach), do some snorkelling and maybe, if we are lucky, we’ll see dolphins & seals!

These tours are aimed to people with little or no previous experience, but for more experienced paddlers as well. Itineraries vary in length and we head both north and south from Damouhari.

All you need to bring is a bathing suit, a towel, a hat, sunscreen and appetite for adventure! Safety instruction and briefing is given before every tour to ensure that everyone has understood what to expect and how to handle a kayak.

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Hiking in Pelion

All villages and beaches of Pelion communicate with each other by stone-built and soil paths that offer the opportunity of unforgettable walks in Pelion’s unique nature, a mixture of forests and beaches.

It is the very rich and variable vegetation, starting from the sea level until the top (1550m), with views over the Aegean Sea, that make every walk really beautiful and interesting, full of spots that look like photographs. Pelion is also full of nice, well mentained stone-built tracks, called “kalderimia”, which give an ambient of originality in the whole scenery.

Damouchari is located on the north-eastern side of Mount Pelion, which is the greenest and the highest part of the mountain, just above the ocean Aegean sea. Damouhari has always been a strategic location (it is the only natural harbour of the area, so it was being used for commercial reasons) and that is why some of the most beautiful stone-built mule tracks of the region start from here. Moreover, it is a really exceptional sensation to be for hiking holidays on the sea and to start your walking adventures from the sea level. You don’t find very easily the opportunity to walk within the same day from the level of the sea up to 1300 meters. This fact offers to people that love walking a unique hiking experience throughout the year.

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