Well located in the wildest part of Mt. Pelion (in the middle of the north-east side), Damouhari offers a wide choice of villages and beaches easily and quickly accessed either on foot or by car, boat and seakayak.

Damouchari stands out among the other Pelion villages, because of its special colour. It is the only historic seaside settlement found on East Pelion, fact that makes it an original and picturesque little coastal village with very old buildings and unique atmosphere.

Our village, luckily, has not been spoilt by massive tourism and still looks like a natural habitat where people and environment are in harmony. It is an ideal destination for those who want to combine summer beach holidays and some hiking. Paved and dirt paths give many choices for walks of various difficulty levels and duration, either along the coast or through the mountain.

Our village is more suitable for those who prefer:

  • Natural than luxury resorts.
  • Relaxing than party holidays.
  • Authentic ambient than massive tourism.

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