Ιn July 1974 the universally well-known and famous for her beauty, film actor, Romy Schneider visited Damouchari for vacations. She was widely called as “Princess Sissi”! She was born in September 1938 in Vienna, Austria and lived many years in Germany and France, until she died in May 1982 in Paris. She started her career at the age of 15 years old in Germany participating in classical films of that period (Heimatfilm), while in the mid ‘50s she starred in the Austrian trilogy “Sissi” playing the Empress Elizabeth of Austria. In 1958 she met the famous French actor, Alain Delon and they got engaged, but they separated 5 years later. Since then Romy married twice having a son, named David, from her ​​first husband and a daughter, named Sara, from the second. The tragic death in 1981 of her son’s caused by an accident at the age of 14 years old, touched her badly, a shock that she did not overcome until her sudden death in her apartment at the age of 43.

Romy Schneider arrived in Damouhari with a donkey from Agios Ioannis, a nearby village who had better access at that time. She was accompanied by her beloved son, David, 7 years old then and by 11 women who constituted her entourage, the personnel that protected, looked after and took care of her and her son. They stayed altogether at the Ghermaniko Hotel for about 1 month. Regularly, a man was visiting them to see if there was something missing or if they needed anything. Every morning, after having their breakfast in the courtyard of Germaniko, they were enjoying the sea and sun in Palia Damouchari (Old Damouhari). The entire beach was theirs, because the tourists and the locals had disappeared, due to the conscription in view of the Cyprus Issue that had just been fired up. All men had to be urgently presented in the army in case of a war burst.

Every evening they were gathered to the only taverna of the village for supper. The “Princess Sissi” was stunning and impressive, while her behavior was very simple and modest. During the whole day, she was wearing a turban in her head and for pareo she was using the bed linens of the hotel tying them in her body in various ways. They were made ​of cotton woven greek fabrics in the traditional way with nice summer light colors (white, blue, yellow) and patterns (striped or plaid).