Damouhari, is the only natural harbour on the east Pelion (Pilio) coast. That is why Ntamouhari has always had significant importance for the entire area, serving as its port.

It was created by the Venetians during the Medieval times, when Venice was ruling almost all Mediterranean sea and coast. Here they built a castle (ruins of which still exist), as supply station and stronghold that protected them from the frequent, at that period, attacks of the pirates.

Over the past years, two stories have maintained and prevailed that try to explain the origin of the name “Ntamouchari”. The one version is more historical and comes from the Venetian period, while the second one is more romantic and comes from the period of the 20th century, where commerce flourished (read History of Damouchari).

The name of Damouchari derives:

It is said, that the Venetian sailors and inhabitants were heading towards Damouhari’s safe castle, when pirates were trying to attack them. Inclosed inside the castle, they were calling Virgin Mary to protect them from the danger and to give them strength for the battle. They were praying to her, spelling: “Dammi (latin) Hari (greek)”, which means “Give me Grace“. Over time the phrase “Dammi Hari” became known as “Damouhari”.


Aerial view of Damouchari

Captain Apostolos Vainopoulos (the grandfather of our family) in one of his journeys to Europe and in particular to Romania, he met and fell in love with Cleopatra. From the aristocracy of Bucharest he brought her to the sublime Damouhari and devoted the whole village to her. The sacrifice of Cleopatra for her love was great. The loneliness that she felt because of the big distance from her family and the frequent travels of her beloved, in combination with complications during the childbirth led to her death and the inglorious ending of an intense relationship (read History of Damouchari). Ever since, the locals named the village “Damouhari” after the phrase “D’ Amour (french) Hari (greek)” which means “For the sake of love“.